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Key ReDesign Elements Are:

COMFORT - It is imperative that your rooms are set up in such a way that you're using the space so it's most beneficial to you and your family. Make sure there's plenty of seating; that lighting is appropriately placed for reading, television, work areas, and ambience. Even fabric can bring warmth and softening.

SCALE - Just because a room is big, it doesn't need to dictate big pieces. Likewise, small rooms don't always require smallness. The key is placement and the relationship objects have to other objects, as well as from what materials they're made.

COLOR - One of the quickest and most affordable ways to change the look of any room is by painting. Selecting the appropriate hue and finish to bring out the best of everything in the room is vital. It really will make or break the end result.

FLOW - Objects in a home can be placed to invite you into a space and allow you to move more freely about in non-invasive and non-constructing patterns. The Chinese call this "chi" or energy, and it does affect how you feel within that environment. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement of objects to bring energy and harmony into the space.

BALANCE - Sometimes people perceive spaces as "just not right," and can't put their finger on why. This usually has to do with awkward placement of furniture and hanging artwork, pictures, the color(s) used (or lack of color) and clutter vs. editing.


I rearranged my rooms around so much I was getting dizzy. Nothing seemed right. Cynthia gave renewed value to what I already owned into configurations I NEVER would have come up with myself.

Celia S, Overland Park Kansas



Most assignments are completed within one to two hours at an affordable price of $100 per hour.

Call to discuss your project and get details.



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